Our actions set things in motion.

When I was a child, from the moment my dad let go of my handlebars and told me to keep peddling, I’ve never once looked back.  Biking was my first freedom and from it I learned what was important to me; pain, effort, the time it takes to learn to do something well and keep doing it simply because you can.  I kept the old chain from my first bike because it meant all of those things to me.  I’d put time and miles on that chain, wear and tear, and I knew someday I would use it to create a memory, not add to the landfill.

UPCYCLE takes the footprint we’ve left on the earth and creates something beautiful, something better.  It takes a tin can lid and makes wearable art.  It takes an old bike chain and creates an opportunity for work.  It takes discarded waste and litter and makes something better and useful from it. If we can inspire just one person with our effort, then we can creative positive momentum. UPCYCLE is productive motion in the right direction.

If we can take waste and add passion, then we move forward, affecting the world with positive change. UPCYCLE has its own wheels – I’m just the fortunate person who gets to peddle the concept.